Klingshield Terms and ConditionsPicture of Klingshield Terms and Conditions

  1. The contract includes only such work which has been expressly specified therein.
  2. All glass must be free from defects.  No responsibility will be accepted by the company for breakage of glass after installation or damage to film caused by leaking frames.
  3. Desks, chairs, TGV’s drapes, blinds and other objects must be removed from the working areas by the customer to allow easy access for our workmen prior to installation.
  4. Whilst care will be taken with regard to window sills, no responsibility will be accepted for any damage arising from the application of window film to the glass, sills, carpets and wallpaper.
  5. The greatest care will be taken with regard to wallpaper and painted surfaces, but again, no responsibility will be accepted for any damage arising from the application of window film to the glass.
  6. Computers and air conditioners must be properly protected and turned off, where possible, by the client as any damage arising from the application of window film to the glass will not be accepted by Klingshield.
  7. Carpets and furnishings are covered during installation of window film, but no responsibility will be accepted should any damage to such carpets and furnishings occur due to the use of water during application.
  8. Delivery dates and time are given in good faith but are not guaranteed.
  9. The company will not be held responsible for damage to or breakage of burglar tapes and/or any part or portion of a burglar alarm system.
  10. Should we not be advised in writing to the contrary within 10 (ten) days from the date of invoice, the customer shall be deemed to be satisfied with the work carried out and of the fact that the work has been satisfactorily completed.
  11. The attached quotation shall constitute a contract when a written or verbal order is given by the customer, subject to acceptance by the company.
  12. We are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any cause whatsoever.
  13. It must be noted that our guarantee in respect of both workmanship and products installed will apply onloy to the interior application of film to glass and specifically excludes all plastics and Perspex windows and skylights, etc.
  14. Application of Reflective film, to achieve a “one-way” mirror effect, if unsuccessful, in no way relieves the client from his responsibility to pay.
  15. Installation of our window film product range calls for the best possible working area and it remains the responsibility of the client to ensure that the working area is as free of dust as is possible, particularly new premises where other contractors might be involved, failing which claims for non satisfactory workmanship will in no way be entertained.
  16. It is specifically to be noted that the edge gaps of between 1 and 4mm are always cut around the window film installed to facilitate removal of water used in the installation of the said window film to ensure proper adhesion to the glass without subsequent “peeling and lifting”.
  17. A two year guarantee will apply to the application of window film to glass skylights on the interior and a six month guarantee if the application is on the exterior of the glass skylights.
  18. All installations are in accordance with the United Kingdom Glass and Glazing Federation and the South African Window Film Association specifications.